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Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal - Registered Charity 1073109

Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal - Registered Charity 1073109

The Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal was set up by the Regiment to provide much needed support to veterans, serving guardsmen and their families.

It enables the Regiment to support the families and dependants of soldiers killed in action, by responding promptly to problems of bereavement and hardship and the families of those who have been seriously injured and are in prolonged recovery situations. The Appeal also assists soldiers who have been wounded on operations, especially those who have had to leave the army, by helping them to find new employment and become active family and community members.

The Appeal was launched in 2009 when the Welsh Guards had their first tour of duty in Afghanistan but remains relevant today as the Welsh Guards have just  completed their second tour of duty.

All monies raised through the Appeal will be used to ensure  that seriously wounded Welsh Guardsmen, particularly those who may have to leave the Army as a result of their injuries, and their families have access to the short and longer term rehabilitation programmes and facilities required upon their return from duty. This includes the provision of ongoing medical and psychological treatment often required in prolonged recovery situations, the search for new employment for Welsh Guardsmen no longer able to serve, and re-integration into family and community life.

Additionally, funds donated will be dedicated to helping the Welsh Guards shoulder Regimental responsibilities to the families and dependents of Welsh Guardsmen who lost their lives while serving with distinction in active service. This will include the provision of critical support to those suffering bereavement and hardship.

Five Welsh Guardsmen were killed in Action on the 2009 Afghanistan tour with many others suffering life changing injuries from being wounded in action. Sadly, on the 2012 tour another three Welsh guardsmen lost their lives in action and, as in the first tour, many were wounded in action.

Combat Stress - Registered Charity 206002

Combat Stress - Registered Charity 206002

Combat Stress is the UK’s leading military charity specialising in the care of veterans’ mental health. Combat Stress was founded in 1919 and aims to ensure that Veterans receive the right mental health care, in the right place, at the right time.

It is currently supporting 391 Veterans in Wales and delivers dedicated treatment and support to ex-Service men and women with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders.  Its services are free of charge to Veterans and include:

- A 24-hour Helpline (tel: 0800 138 1619) for Serving personnel and Veterans, and their families.

- Community Outreach, delivered by a UK-wide network of regional teams providing practical and clinical support. Two Community Outreach teams work in Wales

- Short-stay clinical treatment – often with other Veterans – at one of our specialist Treatment Centres, in Ayrshire, Shropshire and Surrey.  Our treatments include an innovative six-week veterans’ PTSD treatment programme.

At the moment, Combat Stress is working with over 5,000 Veterans – more than at any time in its long history. This includes 284 Veterans who have served in Afghanistan and 637 who served in Iraq.  Demand for its services is rising: 1,500 Veterans contacted Combat Stress for help in the financial year 2011-2012.