The WOW Team

  • David (Dai) Graham

    David (Dai) Graham

    Co-Founder and Team Leader

    Having co-founded Walk on Wales with Jan Koops, Dai is responsible for the finances and admin of Walk on Wales. Dai is also responsible for co-ordinating activities for South Wales. He is an inspirational character and if he could get every Welsh person to donate £1 (ie all three million or so), then he would be able to walk his pilgrimage in peace and quiet!

    T: 0808 1295444

  • Jan Koops

    Jan Koops

    Co-Founder and Walker

    As well as walking the entire 870 miles, Jan is heading up the Walk on Wales team alongside Dai Graham. Jan's dream would be to heal the entire world if he could, but as he can't he will just try to do his best for Welsh soldiers. We are a little worried that even though the Walk is only meant to take 62 days, because of his habit of stopping, listening and talking to everyone along the way, Jan will be still walking in 2014.

    M: 07973 778079

  • Chris Beynon

    Chris Beynon

    Chris Beynon is our ideas man. Chris, a former Welsh Guard, has seen first hand the impact that post-traumatic stress disorder can have on soldiers and their families. He is the driving force behind some madcap fund-raising ideas (pins, medals, virtual walls etc) for which we need some seed funding if we are to implement half of his ideas. He is also responsible for liason with bereaved families on behalf of Walk on Wales.


  • Tony Davies OBE

    Tony Davies OBE

    Tony served for 32 years in the Army with the Welsh Guards and says "After nearly 40 years of regular and reservist service I am totally dedicated to the aftercare of those who have been injured - physically and mentally - while serving their Country and also to caring for the loved ones of those who died - Walk on Wales will help us to do this."

  • Chris Hopkins

    Chris Hopkins

    Chris is co-ordinating the North Wales element of the walk from Chester to New Quay. He is a Falklands War and Northern Ireland veteran and is concerned about the welfare of our veterans after conflict. He is looking forward to walking the Welsh coastline with old comrades as well as family and friends. As he walks each day he will be thinking about friends lost in conflict and their families and friends who still carry the burden of the loss of a loved one.  If you'd like to get involved in the North Wales stages please contact Chris on:

    T: 01978 310498

  • Hywel Graham

    Hywel Graham

    Hywel, Dai's Graham's son, has joined the team as a co-ordinator. He works closely with the sponsors and logistics team, supplying kit, financial support, materials, and co-ordinating events. If you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to e-mail.



    T:+44 7530 278 385.

  • Fiona Koops

    Fiona Koops

    Fiona has the joy of being married to Jan.... as such she seems to take responsibility for anything Jan says he will do. So if it all goes wrong he can blame her. Seriously though, Fi is acting as admin and general support.

    T: 01323 832442

  • Rob Nicholls

    Rob Nicholls

    Rob, is Chairman of South Atlantic Medal Association (82) Wales. He and Dave Price (Romel) are the main logistics co-ordinators for Walk On Wales. They are taking responsibility for transporting, housing, feeding and organising the teams. If you think you might be able to help please email or call.

    T: 07794201032

  • Dave (Rommel) Price

    Dave (Rommel) Price

    Dave is the Events / Fund Raising Coordinator for South Atlantic Medal Association (82) Wales. He and Rob Nicholls are the main logistics coordinators for Walk on Wales. They are looking for product partners (kit, boots, supplies) to come on board. If you think you might be able to help please email or call.


    M: 07794 197253
    M: 07592 019864

  • John Warburton-Lee

    John Warburton-Lee

    A former Welsh Guard, based in North Wales, John is focussing on corporate sponsorship, targeting companies nationally and throughout Wales as well as Livery Companies and Grant Making Trusts. He is also encouraging local communities to organise fund-raising events in support of the Walk. Any support, contacts or ideas gratefully received.  

    T: 01948 780725.

  • Glyn White MBE

    Glyn White MBE

    A member of WOW Organising Committee and Chairman of the Welsh Guards Rugby Reunion Club, Glyn will be encouraging members of the WGRRC to use their connections with rugby clubs and businesses in South and West Wales to take part in the Walk.

    T: 01639 731141