Rod Morgan

Walking the entire coast with Jan, Rod says "I spent 22 years in the Welsh Guards and enjoyed it immensely. So did my family.

I left unscathed. I was a lucky man, many are not. They have scars both mental and physical.These people need our support."

"I was asked (pressganged) by Jan to complete the walk with him over the full distance of 870 miles (I think he’s afraid of the dark). He also wants me to recce the South route between Aberystwyth and Chepstow beforehand. I am approx 6ft tall, I will probably be a lot shorter when I finish. I’m one of the oldest on this walk, yet Jan doesn’t provide any sympathy.He’s just picking on the elderly.

I am retired and live in Swansea. I am married to Sally and have two children Amanda and Leyton and three grandchildren.

I have been involved with many charitable events e.g. marathons, long walks and projects, but none as big as this. Now that I’m retired I have more time on my hands and I cannot think of anything better to do with my time. It gives me the opportunity to put something back."