Team 5 - Steve Jones

Steve Jones has stepped in as team leader for stage 5 as Henry Vaughan Jones had to step down for geographcial reasons. He says: "I was attached to the Scots Guards during the Falklands conflict and the majority of the Welsh Guards killed on the Sir Galahad were from my platoon - this is why this event is an absolute "have to do" for me. I feel it is the very least I can do to keep their memory alive."

Steve lives in Llandudno Junction in North Wales and works for Sky television as an engineer.

He served with the battalion from 1975 to 1989 and was posted to Cyprus, Germany, Norway, Brunei, Belize, Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands to name but a few.


Joining Steve on this stage will be fellow Welsh Guardsmen of  70’s vintage - Henry Vaughan Jones (VJ), Mark Davies 57 (Beanz) and Gareth Gibbs (Gibbo).  ‘Tabbing’ for all Welsh Guards everywhere – past and present!