Team 6 - Andrew Speed

Lieutenant ColoneL Andrew Speed went to school at Winchester and studied for a degree in French and Business at Oxford Polytechnic. Despite being a Scots Guards officer he was posted to be the Second in Command of the Welsh Guards in 2007. Heading up a team means a lot for Andrew who says "Leading a team for Walk on Wales represents an opportunity for me to raise funds in the memory of those Welsh Guardsmen that have been lost since World War II but particularly those that were killed in 2009."

It was during this period that I was the Battalion Second in Command. I, therefore, have a strong connection to the Regiment despite being an Englishman in the Scots Guards! As an honorary member of the Welsh Guards Club I feel delighted to be able to support the Regiment by leading a team during this challenge. As a new resident to Wales (I am currently the Commanding Officer of Wales Universities Officer Training Corps) I am looking forward to exploring the beautiful coast line of Wales in the company of members of the Regiment.